Isle of Man High Courts of Justice - Civil Division

Civil (non-family) business

Business within the Isle of Man Courts of Justice Civil Division (non family) deals with matters relating to civil litigation. The procedures within which a claim can be filed are the:

The type of procedure chosen for a claim can depend on matters such as:

  • the financial value of the claim
  • whether a rule requires the use of a specific procedure
  • the remedy sought from the court

You may wish to refer to each section for more information on each procedure.

Family business

Family business within the Civil Division deals with all matters relating to:

  • divorce
  • civil partnership
  • financial provision
  • adoption
  • children's matters such as contact orders and parental responsibility
  • judicial separation

It also hears other proceedings under:

You may wish to refer to the Family or Adoption sections for more information on court procedures. 

Page last updated on 15 August 2018