Magistrates have regular courts dealing with applications relating to:

  • the care and control of children;
  • the enforcement of maintenance;
  • cases of family work involving domestic violence;
  • hearings/sentencing in criminal matters;
  • requests for warrants for arrest and search;
  • the signing of summonses.

There are also specialist courts and committees which magistrates are elected to join from time to time such as the Licensing Court, Probation Liaison Committee and Board of Prison Visitors. Newly appointed Justices of the Peace are required to undergo a programme of training. This helps them to:

  • understand their duties;
  • obtain sufficient knowledge of law and procedure;
  • acquire a working knowledge of the rules of evidence;
  • appreciate the nature and purpose of sentencing.

Justices of the Peace are not paid for carrying out their duties.


Page last updated on 07 August 2018