Application Forms

For time limits for filing any Licence Application, please refer to the Liquor Licensing and Public Entertainments Regulations 2022, time limits checklist.     


Public Notice of Application - please click here for the relevant Public Notice guidance. 


Type of Application

New Form Reference

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Old Form Reference

Application for a Licence by an individual

LLPE1/Individual LLP10
Application for a Licence by a Company LLPE1/Company LLP10/A
Application for a Licence by a Club LLPE1/Club LLP10/Club
Application to be registered as a Responsible Person LLPE2/RP LL/1
Application for an Occasional Public Entertainments Event Licence LLPE3 - Occasional LC4
Application for Charitable Function Authorisation  LC2 LC2
Application for Special Event Liquor Licence LLPE5 - Special Events LC3
Proposed Approval of a Temporary Manager LLPE6 - Temporary Manager LL5
Notification of Resignation/Removal of Responsible Person LLPE7 - Notification of Resignation LL6
Application for a Club Function Authorisation LLPE8 - Club Function Authorisation  
Application for variation of entry on register for Responsible Person DHAFORMB  
Page last updated on 22 January 2024