Called For Jury Service

If you have received a juror summons it means you have been chosen by the coroner of your sheading to attend court for possible jury service.

Potential jurors are selected in order from the jury list. Everyone aged between 18 and 75 who are on the electoral register can be called for jury service. If you are chosen and you qualify for jury service then you are legally obliged to attend unless you have been formally excused by the Chief Registrar prior to the trial date. Refer to eligibility for more information.

It is an offence under the Jury Act 1980 not to attend for jury service once summonsed, unless you have been formally excused by the Chief Registrar, prior to the trial date.

There are certain circumstances where you may apply to be excused from jury service, for example:

  • you can be excused from jury service if you have sat on a previous jury in which the Deemster has indicated at the end of the trial that you need not attend court, as a juror, for a set amount of years, or

  • you have a pre arranged medical appointment or operation (*confirmation will be required), or

  • you have a mental or physical disability that would cause doubt as to your capacity to act effectively as a juror, (*confirmation will be required), or

  • you are a student studying off Island, or

  • you have pre-booked travel arrangements (sight of travel documents will be required), or

  • you are no longer resident on the Island, or

  • you personally are undertaking the full-time care of a person under the age of 16, or

  • you are self employed and would suffer substantial personal or financial hardship, or

  • you are personally undertaking the full-time care of a person who has a disability within the meaning of the Equality Act 2017, or

  • you have attained the age of 71 years, or

  • any other good and valid reason.

*Contact the Courts if you require clarification of what medical confirmation is acceptable.


If you wish to be excused you should complete the Jury Excusal Form that you received with your summons and return it to the court together with any supporting documents. A decision will be made on whether your application to be excused is granted or refused and you will be informed of that decision.

For more information you may wish to refer to our Frequently Asked Questions.

Page last updated on 10 January 2023