Other Forms


JUR01 - Juror Information

JUR02 - Juror Payment

Making applications into Court

Temporary Advocates Licence Application Notice

HC8A - Application Notice (general)

Requests for copies of court hearings

These are supplied on compact disc and requests must be submitted using the CD request form.

The form consists of two parts:

  • guidelines as to how the CD request section of the form should be completed
  • an undertaking which must be signed by the requestor

CD Request form


An Apostille certificate is used to legalise a document for use in another country.

If you are presenting a document that originates from the Isle of Man to another country you may be requested to get an apostille for your document. The apostille certificate is attached to another document. The apostille confirms that a government form, signature, seal or stamp on a document is genuine.

Apostille application form

Manx Law Reports

Page last updated on 18 April 2023