Family Mediation

Mediation scheme supports families experiencing trauma of relationship breakdown

A mediation scheme is available to support families experiencing the trauma of a relationship breakdown.

The aim is to provide faster and more effective resolution in cases of divorce or separation, to ensure the interests of children remain paramount, and to reduce costs wherever possible.

Mediation is seen as an alternative to the traditional court process for separated couples trying to resolve issues in respect of their children, property or finances.

Information about the Duty Mediation Scheme will be offered to people involved in Family Court proceedings as part of a joint initiative between the General Registry and the Manx Family Mediation Network (MFMN).

MFMN is an association of trained and qualified family mediators practising in the Isle of Man which works to help couples reach a negotiated settlement without the need for litigation.

Mediation is voluntary, impartial and confidential, and all decision making rests with the participants. It seeks to minimise the possibility of lengthy, stressful and costly legal disputes by working with the parties involved to achieve common ground and agree on what is in the best interests of their children.

The enhanced use of mediation is supported by the Isle of Man Judiciary and General Registry and significant progress has been achieved over the past few years.

John Kermode, a qualified mediator and member of MFMN, said: "Divorce and separation are acknowledged as some of life’s most traumatic events. The Duty Mediation Scheme has been arranged between the Family Court and the Manx Family Mediation Network to make people aware that there are different paths through the complexities of divorce and separation and that these can lead to good arrangements for children and financial settlement."

He added: "Mediation sets out to help separated parents communicate in a more amicable way than the traditional legal approach. It can also contribute to reducing the cost of divorce and separation to self-funding clients and to the public purse for those supported by legal aid. The Isle of Man Courts of Justice have worked positively with the Manx Family Mediation Network in the interests of helping people in their time of need."

The scheme is part of a series of initiatives aimed at promoting greater use of mediation. It builds on the implementation of a training, qualification and registration process for family mediators and the provision of a list of registered mediators on this web site

A copy of the Manx Family Mediation Network report in relation to the trial period is available.

Details of Family Mediators

The following are details of Family Mediators in the Isle of Man; The provision of these details does not however indicate any form of approval by the Courts.

All Family Mediators on the Register are trained, qualified and supervised to the standards of the Family Mediators' Association of the UK (FMA). Family Mediators are professionals experienced in a range of areas; legal, child development, therapy and other relevent fields. Co-mediation is generally practiced, so providing a balance of skills and experience for clients.


Kevin O'Riordan

White Lea Lodge
Jack's Lane
07624 460133


Sally Bolton
Corlett Bolton & Co.
4 Finch Road
01624 676868


Pamela Butterworth
Kelly Luft Stanley & Ashton
2 Sydney Mount
Corner of Circular Road/Bucks Road

01624 674316


John Kermode
Rhenass Farm
Rhenass Rd
Cronk y Voddy
Kirk Michael
Isle of Man
07624 493109

Hazel Smith
Advocates Smith Taubitz Unsworth Ltd
Barrule Chambers
36 Finch Road
01624 677888

Aalish Hannan
Hannan Law
5 Hill Street
01624 628900

 Ali Thomas
Hannan Law
5 Hill Street
01624 628900

Helen Pittard
174 Family Law
The Lauries,
142 Claughton Road
CH41 6EY
0151 6667668

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