The Rules of the High Court of Justice 2009, relating to civil procedures (not including Family), have been in effect since 1st September 2009.

Links to the four Civil procedures under these Rules can be found on the left which go into greater detail. 

I am not sure what procedure should be used.

You must select the procedure to be used.

  • If your claim is for £10,000 or less (£5,000 or less if the claim is for personal injuries) then you should select the Small Claims Procedure.

  • If your claim is for £10,001 or more (£5,001 or more if the claim is for personal injuries), but less than £100,000 then you should select the Summary Procedure

  • If your claim is for more than £100,000 or where the financial value of the claim is to be decided by the court then you should select the Ordinary Procedure.

If your claim is complex or there are other considerations you should seek legal advice as to the correct procedure for your claim. There may be cost consequences to issuing your claim incorrectly.

Payments Into/Out of Court

A person or party wishing to make a payment into, or receive a payment out of court must make it in accordance with the Rules and under the procedure issued on 15th January 2010 by the Chief Registrar under the direction of the First Deemster. All requests for payments into/out of court must be made using forms HC90 (Word) & HC91 (Word) respectively.

Page last updated on 09 August 2018