Court Procedures

This section details the various types of court procedures undertaken which include:

Civil Division - Claims

This section includes information on Alternative Dispute Resolution, an alternative to bringing a claim into court.

Claims include:

  • Small Claims procedure (generally for when the value of the claim is £10,000 or less)
  • Summary procedure (generally for the value of claims between £10,001 - £100,000)
  • Ordinary procedure (generally for claims in excess if £100,000 or where the amount is to be determined by the court)
  • Chancery procedure (where the claimant asks the court to make a decision on a question of law)

There is also a section dealing with electronic communications with the court relating to the claims process.

Civil Division - Family Business

New 'no fault' divorce' laws to commence in April 2023 - please click here to read the full notice.

Procedures in the Civil Division - Family Business include:

  • divorce proceedings
  • children's matters
  • maintenance
  • judicial separation 

For Financial Remedies Hearings (arising from the breakdown of a marriage or civil partnership), a guide for self-represented parties is available.

Other procedures

Other procedures include;

  • civil appeals
  • Court of General Gaol Delivery
  • licensing courts
  • treasure trove
  • wills and probate
  • enduring power of attorney

It is important to note that this section is general guidance only and is NOT intended as definitive legal advice. The website can only provide you with a general idea of what is likely to happen and cannot explain everything about court rules, costs and procedures which may affect different cases in different ways. Court staff can provide you with information, tell you about court forms and procedures, but they cannot give you legal advice or answer questions like "Will I win my case?", "What evidence do I need?". You should seek legal advice from an advocate. A list of Manx advocates is available from the Isle of Man Law Society website.

Page last updated on 19 December 2022