Coronavirus (COVID-19): Courts and Tribunals service update

Due to the current lockdown, any person bailed or summonsed to attend at court on Tuesday 13 April (High Bailiff's Court), Wednesday 14 April (Juvenile Court) or Thursday 15 April (Magistrates' Court) for any reason is not required to attend. You will be notified in writing by court administration of the date you are required to attend. Any bail conditions imposed by the Court or by the Police will be continued in your absence to the new date. If you have any questions about your court appearance please contact your advocate if you have one, or contact court administration on 685471 or by email to

Summary Courts directions during lockdown

Probate matters

Tribunal matters


This page provides advice and guidance for all Isle of Man Court and Tribunal users during the coronavirus (COVID-19) 3 week circuit-break lockdown and will be updated when new advice is available.

The latest guidance from IoM Government on how to respond to COVID-19 clearly has an impact on the delivery of all public services including the operation of the Courts and Tribunals. However, it is vital during the 3-week period in which this and further guidance will apply, that access to Court and Tribunal services continues as fully as possible.

We will endeavour to contact stakeholders directly where possible as resources allow but you are encouraged to check these pages for new information regularly.

Further Key Messages

  • The current position is fast moving and subject to change at short notice with matters being considered on a day by day and case by case basis.
  • Technology will be used as far as practically and legislatively possible to limit the number of non-essential visits to the Courts and Tribunals buildings, including by witnesses and defendants.
  • Extra information is being provided separately to key stakeholders.
  • If you, or the people who are coming to Court / Tribunal with you, do have confirmed or possible coronavirus (COVID-19) infection or need to self-isolate, you should contact the Court or Tribunal immediately.
  • Jury trials have been suspended for the duration of the 3 week lockdown.

In order to assist us in safeguarding your welfare and the welfare of other visitors to our building, our staff and other court users, we respectfully request that you:

  • only attend the Courts of Justice building if your attendance is essential;
  • upon entering the Courts of Justice building you provide your name and contact number in order to aid contract tracing;
  • that you wear a mask for the period you are present within the building; and
  • that you observe and comply with social distancing.

You can contact us on 01624 687570 in the event that you are unsure.

You should contact the Court or Tribunal immediately if you are unable to attend a Court or Tribunal. A link to key contacts can be found here.

All visitors with business in the Courts of Justice Building will be required to empty their pockets of all metallic objects and place them in the plastic trays provided. Visitors will be required to remove heavy or bulky outdoor over coats which will also be subject to a search.

Visitors will be invited to proceed through the scanner and should a pat down be required then this will be conducted in the usual manner. The Court Security Officers will wear nitrile powder free examination gloves when conducting a search.

In the event that the walk through scanning machine fails then a hand held scanner will be used to conduct the search.

Examination gloves will also be used on a single use basis and will therefore be disposed of after each search. All equipment will be sanitised on a regular basis and in most cases after each use.

The Court Security Officers will follow best practice and health advice and will wash their hands regularly with soap and water and sanitise when appropriate.

Main Courthouse building

The public counter in the main Courts building  is closed due to the on-going lockdown restrictions.

Apostille applications should now be made via the postal service. Once the Apostille has been prepared and issued, the documents can be returned to you by post. Please use the following contact details:

Contact Number: +44 (0)1624 687570
Postal Address:          

Apostille Service
Public Counter
Isle of Man Courts of Justice
Deemsters Walk
Bucks Road

Collection/Drop off of Court Documents

It continues to remain possible for documents (including files) to be hand delivered. However, please note that customers should leave documents with our front of house security team or deposit the documents into the post box which is located at the front of the building. In the case of the Probate & Tribunal counter in Murray House, documents and files should be left in the public counter area and practical arrangements will be put in place around this solution. Any documents received via these methods will be collected and brought into our internal post opening/delivery system at regular intervals throughout each day.

In light of the fact that the Public Counter in the Courts of Justice building is now closed, it will not be possible to access the Advocates boxes.

All documents for distribution from the Courts of Justice and Probate & Tribunals to our regular users will be posted on a daily basis. Courts of Justice and Probate & Tribunals staff will consider whether the documents can be scanned and emailed to the recipient, particularly in relation to urgent/time sensitive matters. If this is not considered to be appropriate, we will contact the intended recipient and make specific arrangements for the documents to be delivered or collected.

The Courts and Tribunals service will continually review Government advice and policies regarding attending Government buildings and making decisions about keeping them open for use.

Probate & Tribunals (Murray House) building

Probate information here
Tribunals information here

Although the Public Counters are currently closed, there are numerous ways you can make a payment without having to attend the Courts of Justice Building or the Probate & Tribunal public counter in person. Please refer to our guidance leaflet in this regard.

We know how important it is for all court users – professional and public – to have confidence that they are using a building that is clean and safe, therefore our buildings are cleaned daily and we’ll also respond swiftly to complaints about poor hygiene.

If you see something of concern, please let any member of staff know so they can look to put things right.

NHS advice is for people to wash their hands with soap and water, which are available in the various public restrooms in the Courthouse complex and in the Tribunals' building.

Hand sanitising fluid is available for our customers as they enter the Courts building and in addition hand sanitising wipes are available within each of the court rooms.

Single use, disposable face masks will be made available for all visitors to our building and we recommend that these are used during periods of lockdown as a result of COVID 19.

Every individual has a duty to protect themselves and others from the spread of the virus therefore please ensure that you wash your hands upon entering and leaving the Courts of Justice building.

Page last updated on 09 April 2021